"An extraordinary treat, Bittersweet Journey is a beautifully poetic first fiction. Futterman combines the story of Charlotte's attempt to find true love, with a collection of eccentric and artful photographs of chocolate. From the first page, we know we are in for an unforgettable experience. Though it looks like an elegant gift book, its presentation disguises a haunting novella. With humor, compassion and bravery, Futterman reveals much about love, yearning and all kinds of human hunger. Every woman--and every man who truly cares about women--should read this book."
--Henry Jaglom, San Francisco Chronicle

"With the compression of poetry and the candor of memoir, Futterman pens a modern fable in Bittersweet Journey, infusing her archetypal hungry woman with yearnings at once specific and resonant, uncloseting the secret of eating that is every girl-child's inner wagging finger. The passion is chocolate because it's dark, narcotizing, melting, and sticky."
--Laurie Stone, Village Voice

"This is erotica for the sensuous woman and the chocoholic. In a wonderfully weird, uninhibited stream of whimsy, memory and hunger, seemingly insatiable Charlotte roams the world in search of love and chocolate, her twin obsessions, ultimately tangling in the bedclothes."
--Gael Greene, New York Magazine

"Enid Futterman is not the first to write about chocolate and sexual desire with such sensuality, but she may be the most intense. Her sentences at their best recall Marguerite Duras."
--David Finkle, Trenton Times

"The gold endpapers notwithstanding, Bittersweet Journey is for reading, a gift-book ode to chocolate that journeys into one woman's darkest desires."
--Publishers Weekly

"Enid Futterman's fiction is a bonbon--a knowing exploration of the way her character Charlotte's longing for lust and for chocolate intermingle. Elliptical as poetry, Joseph Campbell would recognize in Charlotte's story the quest of the mythic hero, a journey that begins underground and concludes in the light of heightened understanding. Futterman has her underpinning in place, but not visible. And the very medium of Charlotte's search is so sticky and opaque that one is left with more of a sense of memory than a sense of having read an initiation story with psychological overtones."
--Betsy Willeford, Newark Star-Ledger

"The subtitle of this charming book says it all. It is the story of a woman's search for the perfect truffle, and the perfect man, a dual quest that is not a trifle. Charlotte begins with candy kisses in the Brooklyn of her childhood and proceeds through her teens and young adulthood seeking the most incredible chocolate in London, Paris, and Brussels, while simultaneously finding new ways to both break and mend her heart. A delightful journey."
--Maureen M. Carmen, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Bittersweet Journey is a slender, beautiful novel that also includes the author's glowing photos."
--David Bloom, Los Angeles Daily News

Bittersweet Journey is a lavishly illustrated (with gorgeous color photographs) paean to two of life's greatest pleasures. If you're a chocoholic, you won't want to miss this exploration of the dark and erotic underside of women's seemingly universal, mysterious passion for chocolate."
--Ann LaFarge, Taconic Newspapers

"Filled with great photographs of chocolate in various states, Bittersweet Journey is truly dark chocolate. As Charlotte takes the Grand Chocolate Tour of Europe, she learns a bittersweet truth of love lost, but along the way she teaches us about chocolate--facts, history, recipes, and where to find the best."
--Marilee Reyes, Pasadena Star-News

"With its gluttonous packaging, sensuous photography, and luscious prose, this novella, the first for librettist and photographer Enid Futterman, is as indulgent as a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie."
--Rutgers Magazine

"This enchanting story is accompanied by beautiful and seductive photographs of chocolate."
--Carole Bloom, All About Chocolate

"A beautiful book: tender, passionate, thoroughly wonderful. Buy it, rent it, steal it, or devour it cover to cover standing in the bookstore, but read it."

"From its gold endpapers to its lush photography to its sensuous story of a woman seeking love and chocolate, Bittersweet Journey explores the inextricable link between women's longing for men and the deep need for cacao. A novel for the senses and the imagination."
--Mauny Kaseberg, www.maunyskitchen.com

"Chocolate Book of the Month: Lush and sensual. Gorgeous photography."
--Stephanie Zonis, www.foodwine.com (I Love Chocolate) & www.starchefs.com (For Chocolate Lovers Only)

"These first-time-at-bat published authors have hit home runs with their new novels. Bittersweet Journey is an original, delicious journey of self-discovery for Charlotte, who leaves her husband in search of more love and chocolate. Filled with sensuous photographs and tantalizing recipes, this book is a delight for all the senses."
--Donna Zmrazek, www.rrpl.org (Rocky River Public Library/Between the Covers/July-August 1998)

"This is so intensely a woman's odyssey that I have been almost shy in giving it to male friends, as though I am somehow telling secrets. It is an exquisite book to handle, like a wrapped box of chocolates. The photographs are evocative, lush and draw you in not just to her journey, but into her psyche. While she drifts hopefully through Europe, she explores all the levels of human longing, until the longing becomes an end in itself. This book does have a few recipes, all of which I have used and all of which are staggeringly rich and good. But it is most of all a book to be read and savoured and returned to like a fairy tale."
--Elaine DiRico, www.powerotic.com (Clean Sheets)

"A woman leaves her husband to immerse herself in the world of chocolate. Makes sense to us."
www.3swoon.com (The Swoon Bookstore:Hot Fiction)

--Barbara Walters, The View, ABC-TV

"In Bittersweet Journey, Enid Futterman confirms in touching prose that chocolate is the food of love."
--Christopher Idone, Cookbook Author & Food Consultant

"Bittersweet Journey is destined to be the chocolate lover's sweetest dream."
--Marcel Desaulniers, Author, Death by Chocolate

"Bittersweet Journey is like a chocolate truffle. You can't stop reading it."
--Sean Driscoll, owner, Glorious Food

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