I. Seduction/Candy Kisses

Chapter 1/Brooklyn: "Her father's kisses were candy bars, which her mother had forbidden."

Chapter 2/New York: "Eating chocolate was like having a slut for a best friend. It was a bad influence."

II. Obsession/The Dark Continent

Chapter 3/Vienna: "He would not melt in her mouth like chocolate; he would last."

Chapter 4/Munich: "I ate a chocolate cake last night and fell madly in love."

Chapter 5/Zurich: "'Of course, I never permit myself to eat chocolate,' said the psychotherapist with the specialty in eating disorders..."

Chapter 6/Brussels: "What are you doing in Brussels?" "Eating chocolate."

Chapter 7/London: "Her passion for chocolate drove her down the same yellow brick road as her passion for passion."

Chapter 8/Paris: "That night, he took her to the other side of his sweetness."

III. Redemption/The American Dream

Chapter 9/Walpole: "The boys who made her wait. The boys who made her want. The man who promised her love and gave her chocolate."

Chapter 10/The Big Island: "It was lavender-white, almost iridescent, and sticky. It looked less like chocolate than anything she'd ever seen."

Chapter 11/Tuila: "I hold the pot high in my left hand, the jicara low at my right hip, pouring back and forth until the liquid forms a head. I offer it to him; he takes it."

Chapter 12/New York: "I was a maid beating the forbidden liquid to a froth for my mistress. I was a courtesan, preparing it for my lover. I was a child in my mother's kitchen."

Chapter 13/Brooklyn: "There was no place left to go, except home."

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