Chapter 1/Brooklyn: Chocolate Fudge (recipe)

Chapter 2/Manhattan:
Li-Lac/Chocolate Fudge
Fifth Avenue Chocolatier/Fresh Cream Truffles
The Four Seasons/Chocolate Velvet
Dean & DeLuca/Rusty Tools
Postilion Luscious Chocolate Sauce

Chapter 3/Vienna:
Hotel Sacher/Sacher Torte
Demel/Truffel Torte & Dorry Torte
Gerstner/Gerstner Torte
Sluka/Petits Fours

Chapter 4/Munich:
Romanian Chocolate Cake (recipe)

Chapter 5/Zurich:
Sprungli /Truffes du Jour
Honold/Paves Glaces

Chapter 6/Brussels:

Chapter 7/London:
Rococo/House truffles & Grand Cru Bars

Chapter 8/Paris:
Michel Belin
Michel Chaudun
Christian Constant
Joel Durand
Jean-Paul Hevin
La Maison du Chocolat/Robert Linxe
Au Palet d'Or/Andre Cordel
Le Roux/Henri Le Roux

Chapter 9/Walpole:
Burdick Chocolates (including a recipe for truffles)

Chapter 10/The Big Island:
Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate (see Links)

Chapter 12/New York:
Hot Chocolate (recipe)

Chapter 13/Brooklyn:
The River Cafe/Marquise Brooklyn Bridge



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